This is the main portal to all seminar activities at Koya University. These data are auto generated and updated live when academic staff are submitting their seminars. Please click below on seminar section for each faculty at Koya University.

There sets of rules of engagement for presenting seminars at Koya University. The standard list for recording attendcy is attached to this page, please click to download.

To register your seminar, click below:

ئەمە دەرگاى سەرەكيە بۆ هەموو چالاكيەكانى سيمينار لە زانكۆى كۆيە. ئەم زانياريانە لە لايەن ئێوەوە ئامادە دەكرێ وە كاتێك ستافى ئەكاديمى سيمينارەكانيان تۆمار كرد ئەوا لە ليستەكەدا دەردەكەوێ. تكايە كليك لە سەر ئەم بەشانەى خوارەوە بكە بۆ بينينى سيمينارەكان بۆ هەر فاكەڵتيەك لە زانكۆى كۆيە.

ئەمانە بريتين لە ياساكانى بەشداربوون بۆ پێشكەش كردنى سيمينار. ليستە ستانداردەكە بۆ تۆماركردنى ئامادە بوون بۆ ئەم پەيجە زيادكراوە, تكايە كليك بكە لە سەرى بۆ دابەزاندنى

سيمينارەكانى فاكەڵتى پەروەردە

سيمينارەكانى فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى

سيمينارەكانى فاكەڵتى زانست و تەندروستى

سيمينارەكانى فاكەڵتى زانستە مرۆڤايەتى و كۆمەڵايەتيەكان

Rules and Regulation

  1. Guidelines for Seminar Registration
    These guidelines are applied to all seminars registered on
    QAD website and are part of Continuous Academic Development CAD program. The list of these seminars are available on QAD dedicated website. These regulation will be applied from 1st of Feb 2013. When you access QAD website you will notice that our information is available in Kurdish, English and Arabic which contain separate section for all faculties of Koya university. The following steps will guide you on new regulations for seminars: The seminars' list will be available online within the seminars' page for your faculty.

  2. The seminars' time should be advised that allow academic staff and student have the best chance to attend.

  3. lecturers who wants to present a seminar, should register their seminar online using provided eForm on QAD website.

    1. The registered seminar need to be approved by the academic monitoring committee of Dep or Faculty and report the decision to QAD office via email and updated seminar listing.

  4. Once updated QAD will provide a seminar code and a link to seminar e-Feedback form on the same list.

  5. The seminar attendees' list should be filled at the time of the seminar as advised on the sheet.

  6. Only attendees with Koya University email account will be considered for CAD program’s credits.

  7. The QAD should receive the seminars' attendees list via email and hard copy within 7 days after the seminar.

  8. The attendees of seminars need to send a feedback on the seminar within 5 days after seminar has been presented. The e-feedback form will be closed after 7 days.

  9. If a seminar gets less than 2.5 out of 5 credits, the presenter will not get any added CAD credit.

  10. The seminar attendees who are failed submit a feedback, will not get any CAD credit to attend a seminar.

  11. To allow for smooth and fair seminar time no attendees should enter the venue after 10 minutes of starting time. The QA Officer at the seminar is responsible for organising and performing the process.

  12. The seminar should not take less than 40 minutes in total, to leave room for presentation and questions and answers session.

  13. Attending seminars or webinar is restricted to KOU's seminars or webinars only.

Please note all candidates and attendees SHOULD have a university email account to be eligible for CAD credits. No other emails is accepted for formal communications or any other academic activities at Koya University.

Please view the flowchart in large by clicking on the image right-above or download the attached file blow.