KOU in Group-B Ranking, according to NUR 2019-Edition

Post date: Feb 17, 2020 9:05:26 PM

On January 9th, 2020, The National University Ranking (NUR-MHE) announced its 2019-Edition for the University Ranking in Kurdistan Region. In 2019-Edition, none of the Universities were in group A. Koya University was ranked in Group-B, among the top Universities in Kurdistan Region. The Announcement ceremony was in Sheraton Erbil Hotel. The Ceremony of announcement was presented by H.E.The Minister of Minstery of Higher Education and Scientific Research. A delegation of Koya university attended the ceremony:

    1. Prof. Dr. Wali Hamad, President of Koya University,

    2. Dr. Haidar Lashkry, Vice-President of Koya University.

    3. Prof. Dr. Salah Ismaeel Yahya, Director of QA&CD and NUR committee member and technical admin.

    4. Mr. Ribwar Abdulrahman, TQA officer, Faculty of Engineering.

Group B (sorted alphabetically)

    1. Hewler Medical University

    2. Koya University

    3. Salahaddin University Erbil

    4. Soran University

    5. Sulaimani University

    6. University of Duhok

    7. University of Kurdistan Hewler