Biology is taught as a broad subject, it is the key to understanding the health and growth of micro organisms, plants, and animals. The study of biology can lead to careers in many fields, including medicine and other health professions, agriculture, laboratory and field of research, education, resource management, and industry.

The Department of Biology seeks to advance the understanding of biology at all fields Zoology, Animal Physiology, Botany, Molecular Biology, Genetic, Ecology and Microbiology, through traditional disciplinary strengths and the unexpected synergies that arise from a uniquely creative and collaborative faculty. The Department fosters interactions among established scientists and provides trainees with the intellectual breadth and skills necessary for rigorous research that often crosses disciplinary boundaries. (please see the faculty website for further information)

Department profile

Number of teaching staff: 27

QA officer at the Department of Biology: 

Name: Kewan Kamal Ahmad 
Office hours: Tuesday 8:30 - 10:30