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This is QA seminar registration form for faculty of HSS.  Please use this form to register 
your seminars. You should provide all the information for your seminar to be considered. It is very important that you write a good abstract and set of keywords for your article/seminar. Keywords are the basic foundation of search engine optimisation or SEO. They're like bricks to a house, and the strength of your article/seminar will depend largely on the proper keywords you've chosen for your article/seminar.

Notes: If the text contains Numbers , please write numbers in English. Please use Arabic - Kurdish (UNICODE) for writing. Once you fill the form, your username will recorded as  (username@koyauniversity.org ), and you can see your own submission on the seminar list. You should wait for TQA office to approve your seminar with date, time, and local.

NOTE: You will need to login to your Koya University email to access the registration form.

سێمينارەكانى زانستخوازى فاكةڵتى زانستە مرۆڤايەتى وكۆمەڵايەتييەكان

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