Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department at Koya University was established in 2006. The department is offering currently a Bachelor of Science with Honours [B.Sc. (Hons)] in Chemical Engineering that normally, takes a minimum of four years study.

The undergraduate study program at this department offers the best mix of a high quality classroom-based education and practical experience. That is why Chemical Engineering degree from Koya University can provide the graduates an excellent starting point to launch a variety of rewarding careers inside and outside Kurdistan.
On research related activities, the Chemical Engineering department at Koya University encourages its academic teaching staff to conduct internationally competitive researches in their fields of expertise which can be outlined as the following:
  • Catalyst Preparation and its Applications.
  • Recycling and Technology of wastes and Environment.
  • Multiphase Flow for oil and gas industry.
  • Renewable Energy and Electrochemical Processes.
Mass and Heat Transfer including Heat Exchangers.Academic staff at CHE following the Quality Assurance guidelines for Continuous Academic Development CAD which ensure the academic progress in the department. (For futher information please see the website of Faculty of Engineering)

Department profile

Number of teaching staff: 24

QA officer at the Department Chemical Engineering : 

Name: soran delawar jalal
Office hours: