Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering Dept. (ARE) in Koya University was founded in 2004 to meet the needs of Koya City and KRG. Students of this department may obtain their (B.Sc.) in Architectural Engineering after passing 5 academic years.

Since 2010 the teaching language became English. The department emphasizes practical training for its students, and concentrates on field study, excursions, and choosing real cases for their projects (considering the meetings with stockholders). It also has its annual exhibition to present its students projects which declares it as a good competitor with other architectural departments in KR, and the entire country as well.

Starting from the academic year 2010-2011 its teaching staff participate with their presentations in Faculty of Engineering’s (FENG) weekly seminars. Academic staff at ARE following the Quality Assurance guidelines for Continuous Academic Development CAD which ensure the academic progress in the department.

Department profile

Number of teaching staff: 13

QA officer at the Department Architectural Engineering : 

Name: lynour.saad yousif
Office hours: